Friday, March 20, 2015




Spring is for me the best part of year. As nature get colours my inspiration become coloured too. Somehow I feel like singing inside my mind. If I could sing nice, probably I will sing all the time , not only inside me, but loud ! This days I work much more than usually.

      My paintings come out fast and with bright colors what make me happy. Even some small things which I am preparing only for sell as souvenirs I do with great pleasure . Spring is my inspiration because of nice weather. Everything around me blowing up in thousand different colors.
      I like this part of year very much. There are many reasons for it. Seems to me that problems become smaller and we smile to each other more.
       Every day I walk near the sea with my dog . The sea is also different , calm and clear, full of sunshine . Spring will come for some hours , but for several  days  I feel music inside my mind and such a strange happiness , which is not easy to explain.Definitely spring is my inspiration and I am going to paint right now.   


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nature as Part of Life

       I like nature and when I have chance I walk and watch around me. Nature is beautiful if nobody touch it.
   Sadly people like to change everything. They cut off trees without any reason. Or better to say someone have
   some selfish reason to do it. They build not even nice houses , garages or so and simply do not care what is
   on their way. I watch it every day in my town .

    If I can do something than I will  but no way. I have my own nature at my balcony and around my house

in small place surrounded with sea . With my flowers I find peace of mind and inspiration too.                   

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


 This dog is with us one and half year till now. He is big, white and pinkie around his mouth and on the feats. We got him as a puppy. Small , skinny , softly and warm ...

From very first days in our home 

He caught our hearts immediately. Our previous late female dog pass away only seven days before he came.She was dark , he opposite. When he make me a bit tired I used to cry out; Zipa was blessed dog ! And I mean it. But he is here and nothing else to do except love him as much as it's possible.


Trust me it's easy to love our pets. They love us much more than we can even imagine. Their love is without any fence. Every time I walked in the home he wait me first , with happiness, waving his tail, sniffing me, and  bags as well. Immediately I feel good.
       As puppy he was gentle with other dogs which we met outside.  Dogo Argentino breed I have first time and I learn about him by the way. Not every dog who we met was friendly. My dog never forget them!!! So now I got in some kind of trouble almost daily. He is big and strong. And somehow he knew it. Cause of it I am fit. Dogo Argentino is incredible dog , but not for everybody.
All my life I have dog or two dogs and one cat. Mostly big dogs, but two of them wasn't big.So I have experiance with different kinds of dogs.Every one was on his own. Special.

Bonzo as grown up sleep at his back

Dogo Argentino -Bonzo and Cane Corso-Rika 

They like to run and play together. Yin and yang or black & white world ,  as my friend and me ,  used to call them. Rika is Bonzo's best friend. Between them is only few months difference. Black dog is female . And daughter of my previous dog, beloved Zipa. I was midwife for Rika. We walk with them almost every day near sea and we are all happy together.

To be continue.... because I have much more to tell you abouth this incredible dog! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rainy Day

      Long part of day was rainy. After several more or less very dry months it was nice to watch how rain dance falling down. Not nice to be outside because for only few minutes one is completely wet. Doesn't matter for umbrella. Rain was falling as I never see before.One moment from nowhere started strong heavy drops of rain and next half hour was impossible to drive car or cross the street. Than abruptly stopped for ten or twenty minutes and start again. This time slowly, almost gentle it falling for next hour . I was sure rain would give over when again heavy drops knocked to my umbrella. My shoes , shoulders, my beck was wet in the moment...

     I was happy to sit in the bank office quite long time , just between two heavy rain drops . When I was finished there outside was dark. I was walking slowly , watching around me , snapped some photos with my mobile and thinking ....
     Everything is different than before some years . Not easy to live anymore.We have to swim somehow in the river of life . In some countries one is rich if have house , but not here !
     Next rain started when I was near my  door and I watched from time to time outside without any will to be on the street and wet again. I hope tomorrow
will be again nice sunny day.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Visitors From the World

         I just check out visitors of my site as I usually do. So I found out that there are from all around world. Anyhow readers from some countries are there every time I open my blog. Thank you dear readers ! I am very sorry to not write as often as I wrote before. I was sure how nobody care...Maybe some of visitors know me personally. I am not sure. I have on my site - " follow this blog " and there are some numbers of followers, but visitors are much, much more. Several thousand in the matter of fact.

      Obviously some people read this and I have to write I think. Many years ago I red book " Twist of Tale " . Nice book ! From there I learned how twist of tale is possible in the moment. Maybe visitors of my site till tomorrow will be twice than today. We will see.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Dog Cane Corso

        I already wrote about my family pet but now I have special occasion. My beloved dog will be Mom
 a few months from now. I hope so. It's not easy at all. I must go with her to vet and than will be what will
 be . Now she is six years old. Till now my Cane Corso wasn't Mom . I try to find some nice dog for her

 but she refused . I want to keep for myself one puppy and one I' give to my brother. At moment this
 breed is very popular here. They are very expensive but I like to know where everyone will live. Of

 course that I need money as all of us but never mind. My dog is always near me as guard and protector.

 It's hard to snapped some good photo of her because she is too close all the time . 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cheaters Are Everywhere

        I must write this what happen to me last two weeks or so... I will start from begening . First of all I must tell you about kind of miracle which happen and about some cheaters who tried hard to cheat me.
    It was right before Christmas. Somehow I run out of money and I felt very bad becouse of it. Than miracle happen and I was able to go in the shopping center and brought all what I needed for Christmas Eve. In the same time I received e-mail from two  different man . They both wanted to buy my oil Paintings. I was so happy !
All my problems disappear immediately. It was like sunshine after many gray days . But in few next days I find out that they want to cheat me for money. One give up but other one not. .Anyhow he is cheater and I wrote him that I hope he would not bother me any more and at least he stopped . So be carelul because cheaters are everywhere.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Painting As Present To Dear Friend

       I am not sure how other painters work , but I know how it is with me. First of all I must be in good condition.Of course it mean that I feel very good , that I have enough money , that I already pay my bills etc.
If something bother me , no way to touch colours . My paintings are always made with good vibrations and everybody can feel it when they watch it on my walls at home. Here I have no more place to hung them up , but never mind. I like to give my painting as a present to people I like. Right now I will give one to my dear girl friend with great pleasure. She just fix up walls at her home and one big paintings will make place much more warm than empty wall. Anyhow, according my mind when you received something or give , is the same pleasure. Last days i fight with bureaucracy to receive my papers and I feel like ping- pong ball between two institution . Worst of all is that every day of fight cost me my nerve. It make me angry for one or two hours daily. I am not sure how long it will be but I am tired  . When I got it I will celebrate and I 'll make several
new paintings I am sure. So this moment I am going outside with my dog ,  and I'll carry my paintings to give it as present to my dear friend.

Friday, November 25, 2011

One More Year Is At The End

One more year of our life will finish soon. Time run out faster and faster seems to me. And so many things to do still.We have always to do something. I think it never end . Even if you are young or older there are some daily things which we make at home and other too. I like to finish as much as I can but every day something new come up so impossible to say that nothing more to do. I have always to do something !    
        For example right now I have ti hurry with this writing because next is waiting for me. I must go to buy something , after that walk out with my dog, than make something to eat and than dishes....

        I must find out this days what to buy for presents to my family members . And do many things before Christmas time come around the corner. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ready To Give Up

    Today I am ready to give up everything. Am I kidding? I look so tired and I am tired . I write this and next moment I asking myself what's happen with me ? Really!
    In my entire life I was in many different situation . I was kneeling but I stand up again  somehow ! But now!?!
I am ready to give up. Obviously I changed or I am fed up of fight with hard time . In the corner of my mind, in other hand,  I know that I 'll fight or I'd die first .In my life I never give up , even if I know very well that I'd lost more than achieve. Must be something wrong with me...
   Nothing hurt you more than words used to hurt. Especially words from your beloved family number . My family are not large one . We are only few of us and all my love is open for them any time . I can do everything what is possible or even impossible for them and I never give up. What to do when hard time last longer than usually ? How to get it over when I walk one step,  but next day it turn me two steps back . I know that I am more nervous than usually. Anyhow I am sure that  am not going to give up. Tomorrow is new day !