Saturday, July 14, 2018


Croatian citizens are so proud and happy from yesterday night. Our football team won against Russia. It was great game! Difficult too. In the streets was nobody. Everyone was in front of TV screen at home or outside. It was so quite when first goal happen for Russia.Than explosion come! From thousands jugurall voices. It was 1 to 1. Than 2 to 1 for us. Again my town explode.At the end Russia make 2 to 2.

First part was over.Next half hour.We was sweating, crying and laughing. Crazy, crazy,crazy!!! Agony was going on.Free kicks.And...It was over! We won!!!Next few hours all around country was pure happiness.In my town all cars, bouts and motorbikes alarm was on.
Impossible to describe how loud it was.Blow of happiness.My dog run around. I can imagine how loud it was for his ears.
We are between four best but according my mind we already win. For now of course!
Football make us as happies as one could imagine. Everyone was with new optimism on the face. I hope this smiling eyes around me will last long, long time.

Next game was between England and Croatia. It was semi- final. We won again!!!

 In the final game Croatia will play with France!I hope it will be great game!We will breathe as one!