Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Is Here Again

     Spring is here again with nice sunny days and some kind of happiness. I feel much better or more optimistic than in the winter time. Like even air smell somehow different , nature is awaking up and life look easier. Seems to me that spring swap away our problems or just make it less important . I struggle with money all the times and  especially when weather is dark from morning my all inspiration fly away from me. If I look out from my window and weather is fine I feel like I can do everything ... Usually I start with new Paintings and finished some of unfinished and make a lot of other jobs.
       I am very happy because spring is here again ! Today is so nice outside and I hope something good must happen I feel it . I need so little for happiness ... 
   Long time I didn' t publish anything simple because I was not enough optimistic and all what I wrote and red it I save as draft . Not that many people read this but anyway I like to keep my bad time for myself and share with you only good feelings . I hope you can understand me. I wish you all to enjoy in the spring as much as me !