Friday, May 20, 2011

Ready To Give Up

    Today I am ready to give up everything. Am I kidding? I look so tired and I am tired . I write this and next moment I asking myself what's happen with me ? Really!
    In my entire life I was in many different situation . I was kneeling but I stand up again  somehow ! But now!?!
I am ready to give up. Obviously I changed or I am fed up of fight with hard time . In the corner of my mind, in other hand,  I know that I 'll fight or I'd die first .In my life I never give up , even if I know very well that I'd lost more than achieve. Must be something wrong with me...
   Nothing hurt you more than words used to hurt. Especially words from your beloved family number . My family are not large one . We are only few of us and all my love is open for them any time . I can do everything what is possible or even impossible for them and I never give up. What to do when hard time last longer than usually ? How to get it over when I walk one step,  but next day it turn me two steps back . I know that I am more nervous than usually. Anyhow I am sure that  am not going to give up. Tomorrow is new day !