Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cheaters Are Everywhere

        I must write this what happen to me last two weeks or so... I will start from begening . First of all I must tell you about kind of miracle which happen and about some cheaters who tried hard to cheat me.
    It was right before Christmas. Somehow I run out of money and I felt very bad becouse of it. Than miracle happen and I was able to go in the shopping center and brought all what I needed for Christmas Eve. In the same time I received e-mail from two  different man . They both wanted to buy my oil Paintings. I was so happy !
All my problems disappear immediately. It was like sunshine after many gray days . But in few next days I find out that they want to cheat me for money. One give up but other one not. .Anyhow he is cheater and I wrote him that I hope he would not bother me any more and at least he stopped . So be carelul because cheaters are everywhere.