Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Eggs On My Way

  Every year I used to make plenty unique Easter eggs. Some of them I give as present to my family, friends and my children friends.They are always different from year to year, even I used not same type of colours. Anyhow that eggs could last for many years because I first empty them. Next I fix that hole and started with colours. It must dry and I decorated it. For make children happy I paint funny faces or all short story on it.There are rabbits , chickens ,butterfly , flowers , trees ... Of course I have other coloured  Easter eggs which we eat when we knock them with each other. That ones I did with healthy colours .
  Easter is soon and this time I will decorated them again on my own way. I don't know how many I make till this Easter but surely hundred or more and never two was the same. I snapped pictures of eggs which was not so nice to give it as present ( according my mind) so it remain in my home. Wishing you all happy Easter!Bless you evermore! Sannitta

Friday, March 12, 2010

Night in Museums

       In my town ones at year there are "Night in Museums" when you can visit every Museum, Gallery and Exhibitions for free during one o'clock at night. Many citizens come out from their homes that night. It was about two weeks ago and weather was cold but nice.I am sure for many it was first time to visit some of Museums. Parents with their children, youth and oldest were passing by me... Somebody was in hurry because they wanted to go from Gallery to Museum but more than three they couldn't visit anyway. Some our Museums are in the center of a town , others are not.I met many faces which I hardly meet somewhere else. We will meet probably next year at " Night in Museum".
     I am involved in art all my life and Gallery's, Exhibitions & Museums are part of my life and I like from time to time visit all this in my town... I find interesting every time something. Of course, when I travel for me is normally to visit as much as it is possible from Museums there.But not for other people! I find out that there are persons who never were in the Theater in their own  town ! Not in any Museums ! Never seen any Exhibitions ! Even price for tickets are symbolical and it's not because of price I'm sure , but maybe not habits or...?
    It's nice idea for this "Night in Museums" and I wish it  more than once at year ! I remember many smile faces that night . Beauty is beauty and where is so nice for eyes and soul than in the such a places.

Frozen Egg

   Today I decided to give my dog one egg. I heard that it is good for dogs and from time to time I do it. So I pick up one fresh egg from my fridge. I knock egg as I usually do but nothing happen.Can you imagine what I find out ? This never happen before to me ! Frozen egg! Immediately I check my fridge and other food inside but everything seems normally. Even other eggs was not frozen. I slow down a little bit fridge and snap some photos of this frozen egg. That's it . I like to show you photos but I have some problems with it.When I find out how to do it I 'll do.It's really something to see frozen egg