Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summertime is Usually Happy Time

       Summertime is usually happy time for me and I think not only for me because of several reasons. First of all in my area weather is just best for this time of year. One can walk slowly near the sea as long as wish or swim in very clean azure blue sea. In the summer , school year is finish and children are free almost three months . Most of workers like to have their vocations during summer too.
     My country, or better to say my town is full of tourists from all the world  and they are very colorful . One can heard many different languages every few steps. They shooting photos , buying souvenirs , watching around... I like to see them . It's interesting that any time at street some of them asking me for way or something else . Even if I don't know how to explain what they need I try to do it somehow.

     In the summer people look happier . Maybe because of sunny or light clothes . I feel good in this time of year and daily problems are less heavy than in the winter. I like summer !

     Everywhere in the town you can see interesting performances from strangers and from our children or grown ones . Also music is on the every corner . During summertime my town breathe on some special way .