Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nature as Part of Life

       I like nature and when I have chance I walk and watch around me. Nature is beautiful if nobody touch it.
   Sadly people like to change everything. They cut off trees without any reason. Or better to say someone have
   some selfish reason to do it. They build not even nice houses , garages or so and simply do not care what is
   on their way. I watch it every day in my town .

    If I can do something than I will  but no way. I have my own nature at my balcony and around my house

in small place surrounded with sea . With my flowers I find peace of mind and inspiration too.                   

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


 This dog is with us one and half year till now. He is big, white and pinkie around his mouth and on the feats. We got him as a puppy. Small , skinny , softly and warm ...

From very first days in our home 

He caught our hearts immediately. Our previous late female dog pass away only seven days before he came.She was dark , he opposite. When he make me a bit tired I used to cry out; Zipa was blessed dog ! And I mean it. But he is here and nothing else to do except love him as much as it's possible.


Trust me it's easy to love our pets. They love us much more than we can even imagine. Their love is without any fence. Every time I walked in the home he wait me first , with happiness, waving his tail, sniffing me, and  bags as well. Immediately I feel good.
       As puppy he was gentle with other dogs which we met outside.  Dogo Argentino breed I have first time and I learn about him by the way. Not every dog who we met was friendly. My dog never forget them!!! So now I got in some kind of trouble almost daily. He is big and strong. And somehow he knew it. Cause of it I am fit. Dogo Argentino is incredible dog , but not for everybody.
All my life I have dog or two dogs and one cat. Mostly big dogs, but two of them wasn't big.So I have experiance with different kinds of dogs.Every one was on his own. Special.

Bonzo as grown up sleep at his back

Dogo Argentino -Bonzo and Cane Corso-Rika 

They like to run and play together. Yin and yang or black & white world ,  as my friend and me ,  used to call them. Rika is Bonzo's best friend. Between them is only few months difference. Black dog is female . And daughter of my previous dog, beloved Zipa. I was midwife for Rika. We walk with them almost every day near sea and we are all happy together.

To be continue.... because I have much more to tell you abouth this incredible dog!