Wednesday, April 28, 2010


       I live at Adriatic coast . I love Sea . Above is one of my Paintings . Several years ago when I was far away from seaside I make this one Paintings. I call it - Nostalgia - because I miss the sea around me. In my town I can see the Sea any time even from my home window. I walk with my dog near the Sea when is rainy day , sunny , windy , at night time too. Every time Sea is nice ,  different , colorful and inspiration for me.
      Walking and watching the Sea I used to think of so many different topics . I like night time walk much more than daily. At night is quietly and there are nights that me and my dog are alone near the sea. My dog like the sea as much as me I think.
      Many of my Paintings I make on my mind first , walking slowly , watching waves , moon light , sky... I remember one story which happen many years ago in Bruxelles capital of Belgium. One very dear woman liked my Paintings and she often visited me in my home there. I liked her too. From time to time I was homesick. It was one of that occasion and I described her beauty of sunshine at sea and invited her to spent holidays in my house near the sea.At my great surprise she told me that it's not for her , because she doesn't like sea at all. I couldn't believe my own ears ! Till that time I was sure how everyone like to walk near sea , to look beauty of different blue colors between sky and sea ....
      For me only nature is perfect . I like sunny days more than rainy days. Spring and summer I prefer than autumn and winter but it's nice to have all four seasons . Sea is beautiful always and for me special as I wrote before I love sea.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sitting , Thinking , Art , Limits ...

    This moment I'm not sure which title to write  because I feel that topic will change . It's same with my Paintings. Many times I started with one idea and during work change absolutely everything. I don't like limits and in any kind of Art there are no limits. Of course that luck of money can forced you to buy smaller canvas , but it's not reason for limits.
    I intended in one discussion about limits in abstract art. According my mind people limited themselves where they need limits (money , drink , smoke etc. ) and where limits are not necessary at all . Art is Art , because one must be talented and headstrong to live as artist and  for art . I know many artists who give up fight and become Professor for Art with regular monthly payment. They decided to limited themselves . Are they happy with that kind of life or not that's the question.
   We are all different . Somebody can give up their own dreams , hopes and wishes . Life is not easy. My mother used to tell me during my growing how life is daily fight . I didn't understand why because as child problems are quite different and Mom or Dad would solved it for you . Many years later I find out that my mother was right.
   I think that everybody have something what make us different from each other. I have brother. He is few years older than me. We grown up in same condition , same parents , same primary school we intended , anyway , we have nothing in common.... I have two grown sons and they are also very different persons. For example : one is very pedant , other not ... My older son love drums , younger prefer guitar to play. They have different character too.

   During my life I've contacted many people. Some of them limited themselves in every possible way and when I met them I usually  say just hello kept my way. Nothing to speak about with them . Also I met open minded people with whom I have talked about many topics .

   According my mind life have plenty limits and some limits must be , but Art can't be limited ! If somebody think different than please explain to me . Anyhow I think like this .