Friday, March 20, 2015




Spring is for me the best part of year. As nature get colours my inspiration become coloured too. Somehow I feel like singing inside my mind. If I could sing nice, probably I will sing all the time , not only inside me, but loud ! This days I work much more than usually.

      My paintings come out fast and with bright colors what make me happy. Even some small things which I am preparing only for sell as souvenirs I do with great pleasure . Spring is my inspiration because of nice weather. Everything around me blowing up in thousand different colors.
      I like this part of year very much. There are many reasons for it. Seems to me that problems become smaller and we smile to each other more.
       Every day I walk near the sea with my dog . The sea is also different , calm and clear, full of sunshine . Spring will come for some hours , but for several  days  I feel music inside my mind and such a strange happiness , which is not easy to explain.Definitely spring is my inspiration and I am going to paint right now.