Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rainy Day

      Long part of day was rainy. After several more or less very dry months it was nice to watch how rain dance falling down. Not nice to be outside because for only few minutes one is completely wet. Doesn't matter for umbrella. Rain was falling as I never see before.One moment from nowhere started strong heavy drops of rain and next half hour was impossible to drive car or cross the street. Than abruptly stopped for ten or twenty minutes and start again. This time slowly, almost gentle it falling for next hour . I was sure rain would give over when again heavy drops knocked to my umbrella. My shoes , shoulders, my beck was wet in the moment...

     I was happy to sit in the bank office quite long time , just between two heavy rain drops . When I was finished there outside was dark. I was walking slowly , watching around me , snapped some photos with my mobile and thinking ....
     Everything is different than before some years . Not easy to live anymore.We have to swim somehow in the river of life . In some countries one is rich if have house , but not here !
     Next rain started when I was near my  door and I watched from time to time outside without any will to be on the street and wet again. I hope tomorrow
will be again nice sunny day.