Monday, June 18, 2012

My Dog Cane Corso

        I already wrote about my family pet but now I have special occasion. My beloved dog will be Mom
 a few months from now. I hope so. It's not easy at all. I must go with her to vet and than will be what will
 be . Now she is six years old. Till now my Cane Corso wasn't Mom . I try to find some nice dog for her

 but she refused . I want to keep for myself one puppy and one I' give to my brother. At moment this
 breed is very popular here. They are very expensive but I like to know where everyone will live. Of

 course that I need money as all of us but never mind. My dog is always near me as guard and protector.

 It's hard to snapped some good photo of her because she is too close all the time .