Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great Surprise

   Last few days my son was busy with our comp every time when I wanted to surf. So I let it be . Today I started with some other things and than I just wanted to write something. At my great surprise I find out several more followers I got! Really great surprise to me. I have many followers at Facebook and Twitter as well but not very much at my blog. Seems to me like people are not interesting in reading nothing more than two sentences and that 's it . Maybe I have wrong . By the way I was sure that when I mention my blogs few times , not need to repeat it constantly.
    Anyhow I write my blogs with own pleasure but followers keep you going on . I am very thankful to every one who follow my sites. I know that every topic is not interesting for everybody and we all have less and less time to spent in front of comp.
    We forget how nice is to slow down even from time to time ! When I walk on the street people are in hurry like crazy. Nobody walk slowly as it was before normally , when you go outside with children or with your dog. I keep thinking where they hurry? Why ? If they come one or five minutes earlier at their destination what will happen ? I like to walk and I like to walk from leg to leg , enjoying to look around me , to take glaze at sky , trees , houses and faces ... Walking and thinking is great . On this way I get inspiration for my Paintings too. Every night I walk around with my dog. It become kind of ritual and I like it very much.
    If I have heavy day I am happy that it's over and I say to myself : tomorrow is a new day, new happiness... So my dear try to slow down walking around for hour or more and you'll feel much better than before. Just try it.  Nothing to pay for it . And don't forget to keep smiling !