Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Painting As Present To Dear Friend

       I am not sure how other painters work , but I know how it is with me. First of all I must be in good condition.Of course it mean that I feel very good , that I have enough money , that I already pay my bills etc.
If something bother me , no way to touch colours . My paintings are always made with good vibrations and everybody can feel it when they watch it on my walls at home. Here I have no more place to hung them up , but never mind. I like to give my painting as a present to people I like. Right now I will give one to my dear girl friend with great pleasure. She just fix up walls at her home and one big paintings will make place much more warm than empty wall. Anyhow, according my mind when you received something or give , is the same pleasure. Last days i fight with bureaucracy to receive my papers and I feel like ping- pong ball between two institution . Worst of all is that every day of fight cost me my nerve. It make me angry for one or two hours daily. I am not sure how long it will be but I am tired  . When I got it I will celebrate and I 'll make several
new paintings I am sure. So this moment I am going outside with my dog ,  and I'll carry my paintings to give it as present to my dear friend.